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Because we know that there are a lot of tools and equipment that, although handy, are not the sort of things that most people will own, the Committee have a basic set of equipment for use by Association members.

3 piece extension ladder – This ladder fully extended will easily reach the highest point of the house, making painting and gutter cleaning a doddle. A single length is perfect for indoor painting or for decorating that high point in the hall on Christmas Eve.

Hard hat – Just in case a bird poops on your head while you’re up the ladder.

Drain rod kit – A kit consisting of 7 lengths of rod and a 4 inch squeegee to clean out those nasty Christmas blockages.

50 metre extension cable reel – To extend to your neighbours house after they blow the fuses using all the rings cooking the Christmas dinner.

Wheelbarrow - To cart all those gifts around to 'the Chairman'

We would welcome any suggestion for tools which would benefit all the members, not just you... Well O.K., even if it only benefits you we will consider it.

If you have any suggestions for new equipment or if you want to borrow some of the above, you can contact the Committee Secretary.