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There are a number of things that you can do to help keep your property secure.

Simple advice...A dog can scare off a burglar, an alarm and security lights can deter a burglar, good locks can delay a burglar but a good neighbour can catch a burglar with one call to the Gardaí. Most burglary is opportunistic so if your home is secure and your neighbours is not, your neighbour is the one to be targeted. If the whole estate is full of secure homes then the burglars usually target other estates.

Home Security

  • If you haven't got an alarm, get one fitted. If you have an alarm, heed the warnings about false alarms - no point having your alarm go off if everyone ignores it.

  • Replace original locks on front and patio doors with high security locks which are not so easily defeated.

  • Leave your porch light on all night or fit a sensor to the existing light - prowlers hate light.

  • Check the angle of the sensors on your lights from time to time. Apparently some burglars have taken to changing the angle so that the light won't come on when someone is nearby, making it easier for them to move about undetected.

  • Be sure that you have a strong lock fitted to your shed and make sure that all yard tools, ladders, etc. are locked away - no point making it easy for them.

  • It's also worth checking how secure your shed door's hinges and bolts are - many are just attached with short screws and could be easily pried off.

  • Be careful leaving your wheelie bin out. It makes a convenient 'step' for someone to get over your fence quicker than they normally might.

  • Fit an extra lock to your patio door to make if more difficult for a thief to actually lift it off its rails.

If you're going to be away

  • If you're going to be away for a while, let a neighbour know and either let them have a key and your alarm code or give them the number of a trusted contact that you will leave the keys with instead.
    You can contact Lucan Garda Station on 6667300 before you go to have them enter your house on the 'Vacant House Register'.

  • Ask your neighbour or 'contact' to check in from time to time to make sure that there are no obvious signs that your house is unoccupied e.g. mail piling up in the hall or not pushed through the letterbox.

  • It can be a good idea to have a lamp on a timer set to go on and off at various intervals if you're away during the night.

  • It can also be helpful to have your TV or radio on a timer to make the house appear occupied. Be careful that its not set too loud though unless you want to fall out with your neighbours.

Property Security

  • Keep a record of serial numbers of all property, e.g. televisions, radios, stereos and tape recorders, cameras, bicycles, etc.

  • Photograph other valuable items of property that may not have a serial number, e.g. silverware, paintings, antiques and jewellery.

  • Mark your property with an engraver or an ultraviolet pen (you can get these in most DIY shops now).
    There is no real standard way of doing this but its a good idea to use your phone number and possibly your initials and date of birth (to help prove its yours if your phone number changes for any reason)

Car Security

  • Fit an alarm. Remember the problems with false alarms though - make sure it doesn't go off for no reason.

  • Think carefully where you leave your car keys. If a thief can steal your car keys then they can steal your car. Keys are regularly stolen from kitchens, hall tables, key hooks, handbags, workplaces and even from the ignition of cars. Your keys are the same value as your car, put them out of sight and in a safe place.
    Note: There have been instances reported in Griffeen Glen of thieves breaking into a house in order to steal car keys. Be careful.

  • Have your car windows etched with the registration number of your vehicle. This makes your car more difficult to dispose of illegally and will help to deter thieves.

  • Fit a steering wheel lock or a vehicle immobiliser. There are a number of these products on the market to suit everyone's pocket. These devices will make it more difficult for thieves to drive your car away. They are likely to leave your car alone and look for one that is easier to steal.

  • Don't leave any property in the car where it can be seen by a thief. Things like briefcases, CDs and tapes, cheque books, coats (old and new), credit cards, handbags, loose change, mobile phones, shopping bags, sports bags and equipment, wallets, cameras, etc. Things like this and even less valuable items are all tempting to thieves.

  • If you have expensive wheels it is worth fitting locking wheel nuts and having your wheels etched with the registration number of your car.