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We strongly advise everyone to get an alarm fitted to their house or car.

It is however, necessary to mention the subject of false alarms.

We've all experienced the alarm that goes off for apparently no reason and then keeps going all day or night. Apart from the annoyance that this causes your neighbours, it's important to state the very obvious fact that if your alarm goes off repeatedly for no reason, people will start to ignore it. If a real break in then happens, your neighbours will just sit there cursing you instead of looking out to see the burglar making off with your television.

If, therefore, you often come home to find your alarm going off or you regularly see from the panel that it has activated during the day, do something about it. Check your instructions to see if you can lower the sensitivity of the inertia sensors. If you can't do it yourself, get your alarm company to take a look - it's generally an easy and quick job.

Don't have your alarm 'crying wolf' while you're out. It's really annoying and it makes it more likely that a burglar will succeed in swiping your valuables.