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The Neighbourhood Watch FAQ will be available soon. In the meantime, the contact details for our area coordinator are below.

Question : Are security cameras (CCTV) a good idea?
Answer : In general, YES. Just remember not to overdo it. Too much security implies you have something very valuable in the house so again you become a target.

Question : Should I get a dog?
Answer : Almost no houses with dogs are robbed. However, a dog is not a machine and needs care and control. Ensure that you are willing to take it for daily walks and that you have sufficient space. Also note that a constantly barking dog will aggrevate your neighbours and is unacceptable.

Question : Where is the most common point of entry?
Answer : Most burglars enter through the back of the house. Commonly lifting the patio doors gets instant access. Also shovels from sheds are used to lever open kitchen windows. Note that 'popping next door', leaving the front door unlocked is like a golden invitation to the criminal. In our estate people have been seen testing doors as they go from door to door, so remember, lock it or lose it.

Question : Are security pens of any use?
Answer : YES. All recovered stolen property is tested, by the Gardaí, under ultraviolet light for security writing. Suggested marking is specific to you, eg. Date of birth or your car reg. number ( a good one as it can be used to trace the owner ). All markings found are logged in a database of recovered items and compared with reported stolen item descriptions.