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You know by now that Neighbourhood Watch is neighbours looking out for each other.

It is essential that all residents follow these procedures if you experience a break-in, anti-social behaviour, gang behaviour or anything that requires Garda intervention: -

  1. Ring Lucan Garda station immediately to ensure the incident is logged with the station (Lucan Garda Station ph: 6667300)
  2. Contact your Griffeen Glen Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Diarmuid Kennedy by email or phone informing him of said incident.  (diarkennedy@gmail.com  ph: 086 2541702)
  3. Diarmuid, as our one point of contact, will then in turn contact the Community Liaison Officer with details of what occurred
  4. The Community Liaison Officer will liase with the Garda station for immediate follow-up


If we all adhere to these guidelines it will go a long in helping the Garda Crime Prevention Unit in our area (www.garda.ie). Don’t forget, its success depends on you.

What The Gardaí Need To Know

If you see or hear anything suspicious or think a crime is being committed - this is the kind of information which will be useful to the Gardaí.

Description of a suspicious vehicle:
Car/van/lorry/motor bike
Body Type
Registration Number
Direction of Travel
Other Details: Any Damage, Company Name or Logo, etc.

Description of a suspicious person:

Male/Female: Colour of skin, Complexion, Height, Build, Age
Hair: Colour, Length, Straight, Curly, Receding
Eyes: Colour
Glasses: Yes/No
Face: Long, Thin, Round, Clean shaven, Moustache, Beard
Marks: Scars, Tattoos
Mouth: Narrow, Wide
Dress: Description of clothing